Starting a Seed Lending Library In Your Community.

Most gardeners will find that they have some leftover seed at the end of planting season. It seems like a shame to throw it away. A lending library for seeds, or a seed exchange, makes a lot of sense. Your leftover seeds can be put to use, and you can try samples of a lot of different varieties that you wouldn’t otherwise know about. It’s a great way to save money and build community!

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How You Can Help A Community Seed Lending Library.

The best way to help your community’s seed lending library is to plant a garden. By using the seeds that are available free of charge, you can benefit from the plants and help to replenish the supply at the library. A seed lending library is only effective if members of the community donate their seeds after they harvest their plants.

Another way to help your seed library is to donate seeds that are not currently in stock. If you have been (more…)

Seed Lending Libraries And How They Help The Community.

Seed lending libraries are a fairly new concept, but they are rapidly gaining popularity. As more people become interested in eating locally grown food, enthusiasm for home gardening has also grown.

Most seed lending libraries only stock seeds from plants that are not genetically modified. The seeds are generally not treated with pesticides or other harmful chemicals. As a result, food, herbs and flowers grown from the seeds are better for the environment.

Heirloom seeds are an important part of most libraries. Many heirloom varieties have a better flavor than modern vegetable varieties. Commercially-grown vegetables (more…)

The Different Types Of Seed Lending Libraries.

Seed libraries are becoming a popular concept and are being formed all around the county. A seed library contains a large number of seeds that residents can borrow for no charge. When their plants grow, the recipients of the seeds donate a portion of the seeds from their own plants to the seed library so others can enjoy the plants.

These seed libraries are usually created by residents and housed at the public library. Different communities approach this (more…)

Seed Lending Libraries Have The Seeds You Need.

Whether you are a new gardener or you have had a thriving garden for many years, you can benefit from a seed library. If you have never used a seed library, you have missed the opportunity to borrow seeds from local gardeners like yourself.

Seed lending libraries are a relatively new concept. As more people are trying to live healthier lives, more communities are realizing the value of seed lending libraries. Similar to a book lending (more…)

Share Your Seeds With A Seed Lending Library.

Seed sharing is not a new concept. Farmers of old used to keep and share out seeds with others to produce hardy crops and a variety of foods. With all the hybrid plants and genetically modified foods that are reaching the tables of millions of people every day the old fashioned heirloom plants are being re-examined and revived.
With hybrid plants the seeds generally aren’t saved since there is no way to tell if the plant that grows from it will produce.Get more information here. (more…)

Find Seed Lending Libraries On The Web.

Finding seed lending libraries in your area has become quite simple in the last year. As the popularity of this initiative increases, finding one is as simple as performing a search on the Internet. Adding a state or city name will refine the search and make it easier to find a seed lending library close to your home.

A seed lending library is a community based effort to encourage gardening. There is never a cost involved with “borrowing” seeds. The libraries just ask that when you complete your harvest, you save seeds for yourself and donate a portion back (more…)

Seed Lending Libraries And How They Work.

Modern seed planting methods have left our agricultural system susceptible to significant risks associated with diseases that can inhibit or kill plants and lead to famines or spikes in crop prices. This is due to genetic modification of crops as well as the standardization of crops. Companies that sell genetically modified seeds develop seeds that reduce the risk of damage due to diseases, insects, and droughts. However, while these modifications may protect these crops from certain diseases, other ones can mutate and endanger the crop. In addition, what is beneficial for a seed in one climate or area may (more…)

What Is a Seed Lending Library?

Seed lending libraries are sprouting up all across the world but the term is not yet a household name. A seed lending library is a place where people can go to borrow seeds. The concept of “borrowing” seeds may sound strange at first, but it makes perfect sense once the process is explained. Here is how it works: first, you borrow a seed from the library such as a particular vegetable you want to grow. Next, you plant the seed and (more…)